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Self Treatment of Common Ailments

If you are anxious about yourself or your children then you should consult your doctor. The advice given below may help you cope with some minor illnesses.
Note: Children under 12 years should not be given aspirin.
Minor Cuts
Clean the wound and apply pressure for 2 minutes. Apply a plaster dressing. See a doctor if the cut is deep or if bleeding persists. A tetanus injection may be needed
Minor Grazes
Clean the graze and leave it uncovered, exposure to air will form a scab
Burns & Scalds
Immediately immserse the skin in cold water. See a doctor if the burn causes severe blistering or breaks the skin, or if the burn is on the face or on a child
Insect Bites
Clean the wound and dab it with calamine lotion or Caldryl cream. See a doctor if severe pain results or swelling appears
Colds & Coughs
There is no magic cure for cold. Drink plenty of fluids. Use steam inhalations. Take two paracetamol tablets every six hours. Use calpol for children. See a doctor if coughing continues for more than a week or two, or if breathlessness is accompanied by pain in the chest, or if the cough produces green or yellow spit or blood.
Rest if neccessary for 48 hours. Eat nothing. Take plenty of fluids. Kaolin mixture from the chemist may help. See a doctor if diarrhoea occurs in infants under one year, or if stools contain blood, or if stomach pain is severe, or if it persists after a trip abroad
Eat nothing. Drink small quantities of water every two hours. As stomach settles take semi-solid foods. See a doctor if a child has a temperature of more than 38C or 100F, or if vomiting is accompanied by continuous stomach pain.
High Temperature
Soak two bath towels in cold water, rinse the water out and wrap the undressed child in the towels like a sandwich until the temperature goes down. Adults should take two paracetamols every six hours. Children should be given Calpol six hourly - can be bought from the chemist. See a doctor if the temperature does not go down and the child looks ill or comes out in a rash.